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National Archives and Records Administration Record Groups. That's an intimidating title for a lot of us. We give it a try, can't figure it out, and quit. Now, however, NARA has this WONDERFUL!!! page to help you figure out where you want to look for records. And you don't even have to know the Record Group's name because NARA tells you what it is. Just Google National Archives and Records Administration. Click the main website and put Record Group Explorer in the search box. Then sit there an look at all the various titles and how little of each group has been digitized. They have scanned almost 86 million scans and that still represents only three-quarters of one percent of what they have. Which means we'll all be going back again and again on a regular schedule to see what's new that we can use. Be sure to look at ALL the titles before you home in on just one; military records, for example, are kept in all kinds of places!