Seattle Genealogical Society

Welcome all SGS Volunteers

Seattle Genealogical Society is a member-driven and volunteer-run organization. We could not succeed without the support of our members, and the talents and dedication of our volunteers. 

Below is a partial list of the tasks our dedicated volunteers do on a daily, weekly, and monthly basis:

  • Library Desk Volunteers -  keep our library open and running, greet visitors and provide library tours
  • Books sales
  • Community outreach
  • Plan and present educational programs including our Second Saturday series
  • Plan events, including our twice-yearly seminars
  • Bookkeeping, auditing, grant-writing, fund-raising
  • Library - including inventory, cataloging, indexing, archival work
  • Maintenance, facilities, technology
  • Write articles for the eNews! or Journal; keep our website & Facebook page current
  • Leadership – serve on a committee or as a Board Member

Help Wanted!

SGS has several upcoming events and projects and we need you. 

Work from Home
Volunteer willing to work at home to research libraries that need copies of duplicate newsletters or journals from the Seattle Genealogical Society Library. Volunteer needs to be able to email the library and request if they need the item we have available after finding the library online. The volunteer will need to pick up duplicate items from SGS Library Committee and then return items to SGS Library to be shipped out to the proper requesting library. We will train interested person with more explanation of what is needed to be done. Please contact Linda Fitzgerald at the SGS Library (206) 522-8658 or  
Women’s Suffrage in your Family History   
Next year the Seattle Genealogical Society will commemorate the 100th anniversary of women's suffrage with educational events including lectures, workshops, articles, a resource guide and an exhibit in our library. What were your grandmothers' or great-grandmothers' lives like a century ago? Join us on a path of exploration.  Learn to access and use genealogical tools and techniques to successfully discover your female ancestors and write their storiesThrough genealogy and family history, learn about the expanding civic role of women, explore the changes in women’s lives and that of their families and communities culminating in the passage of the 19th Amendment. In the Fall of 2020, SGS plans to publish a special edition of our Journal of the Seattle Genealogical Society with articles describing the changing roles of women’s lives from 1880 – 1920, especially in Washington state.   We hope to hear the stories of your female ancestors - whether they resided in Washington state or elsewhere. If your are interested in sharing a story, photo or a genealogical gem, or wish to volunteer,  please contact Heidi Mair, Director of Volunteers ( 
We thank the Washington State Historical Society for their grant in support of our project.  For more information, see
100th Anniversary of SGS in 2023
It is not too early to begin planning now. What events and programs do you envision to commemorate our 100th anniversary? What role do you want to play?

Don't forget - Record your Volunteer Hours

As a non-profit, volunteers are required to record hours worked for each project, event or ongoing assignment. Maintaining accurate records of volunteer hours, not only helps us plan for the future, but is also necessary for our grant-writing and fund-raising efforts. If you volunteer at the SGS library, remember to sign in to record your hours. If you work off-site on a project, please send your monthly hours to

Thank you to all of our current members for your support and to our volunteers!


Volunteer of the Quarter

Each quarter, the Seattle Genealogical Society recognizes one volunteer as our Volunteer of the Quarter.  Our recent recipients are:

April 2018 - Janice Lovelace

July 2018 - Siri Nelson

October 2018 - Lori Lee Sauber

February 2019 - Bernice Keller

July 2019 - Web Team  - David Rimmer, Ann Wright, Christine Schomaker, Julia Marcone, Heidi Mair and Janice Lovelace

Click here to learn more about their contributions and accomplishments.

Want to Volunteer?

The benefits of volunteering include camaraderie with fellow genealogists, sharing genealogical tips, enhancing your current skills, or discovering skills you never knew you had! 

If you are interested  in volunteering for any of the opportunities listed on this page, please contact Heidi L Mair, Director of Volunteers, to set up a time to discuss your interests and our opportunities.