SGS Board of Directors

The Seattle Genealogical Society Board of Directors consists of four Officers (President, Vice President, Secretary, Treasurer) and seven Directors (Education, Library, Membership, Operations, Publications, Technology, Volunteers) a Past President and a Seattle Public Library Liaison (non-voting). 

Board Roles and Responsibilities

  • President presides over regular and special meetings of the Society and the Board of Directors. The President may serve at ex-officio, without a vote, as a member of all committees except the Bylaws Review, Election, and Nominating Committees, and exercise the usual executive powers pertaining to the Office of President. The President is the official spokesperson for the Society.
  • Vice President assists the President in the performance of Presidential duties and assumes them in the absence of the President or upon the inability of the President to serve. The Vice President is also responsible for community relations and long-range planning.
  • Secretary records all activities, maintaining record integrity and security; official notifications by the Society, and Society correspondence.
  • Treasurer is responsible for the accounting and dispersing of all funds of the Society in accordance with current regulations applicable to non- profit organizations.


  • Director of Education furthers the educational purpose of the Society by offering opportunities to learn and acquire skills which promote interest in genealogical research and family history.
  • Director of the Library maintains a comprehensive genealogical research library for the community.
  • Director of Membership develops and manages Society membership.
  • Director of Operations manages of the physical plant, equipment and supplies.
  • Director of Publications is responsible for the entire production process and content of all Society print and media.
  • Director of Technology helps officers, directors and volunteers achieve their goals that involve technology.
  • Director of Volunteers recruitments and manages all Society volunteers.

Board members take an active role in managing the affairs of the society by participating in monthly board meetings and overseeing the programs specific to their position. 

Board Meetings

Board meetings are currently held on the second Monday of each month. Each Board member takes an active role in managing the affairs of the Society by attending and actively participating in Board meetings and managing the programs specific to their position.

Board Elections and the Nominating Comittee

Each year prospective board members are nominated at the March membership meeting and elected during April to serve for the following membership year. Board members may serve up to three consecutive one-year terms in the same position.

The Nominating Committee, is elected annually at the same time as the SGS Board and present a slate of well-qualified candidates to fill all Board and Nominating Committee positions. The SGS Bylaws require at least ten qualified candidates be placed on the ballot for the five committee positions. Members of the Nominating Committee can only serve for one year (no consecutive terms permitted).

Are you interested in joining the Board of Directors or serving on the Nominating Committee? If so, please email the director of volunteers

Thank you for your help in keeping SGS a strong and vibrant organization.