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Records: 201 to 250 of 13261
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Actions Call Number Title   Author
View Record  OR 22-12 A Biography of John McCoy with a Brief History of Linn County, Oregon McCoy, J. Fred
View Record  FAM PLE-2 Plessinger A Book of Plessingers, 1750-1995; Conrad & Catherine (Sommers) Plessinger Alberts, Patricia
View Record  FAM BOO-4 Boone A Boone Genealogy Showing a Straight Line of Descent for Seven Generations from George Boone, First born in England to Samuel Vastine Boone with a Complete List of his Descendants to 1968 Smith-Bissell, Walter
View Record  FAM MCR-2 McReynolds A Branch of the McReynolds Clan, descendants of John McReynolds, born about the year 1665 in Scotland McReynolds, Claud F.
View Record  FAM WRI-1 Wright A Branch of the Wright Tree Ammerman, Betty//Clinton, Dixie//Heiss, Phyllis
View Record  SC 0-36 A Brief Guide to South Carolina Genealogical Research and Records Holcomb, Brent H.
View Record  WA 5-15 A Brief Historical Sketch of Port Townsend, Washington : Tracing Highlights of the Founding and Development of "The Key City of Puget Sound" Welsh, William D.
View Record  MT 47-3 RB A Brief History of Butte, Montana : the World's Greatest Mining Camp Freeman, Harry C.
View Record  WA 6-11 A Brief History of Camas, Washington Welsh, William D.
View Record  NC 60-2 A Brief History of Mecklenburg County
View Record  WA 5-14 A Brief History of Port Angeles Washington : Sketching the Highlights of Discovery and Development of the "Second National City" of the United States Welsh, William D.
View Record  NE 82-1 A Brief History Of Sherman County, Nebraska Owens, Meroe J
View Record  FAM BYL-1 Byles CR A Brief History of the Byles Family and the Medcalf Family Collins, Isabel Rosmond
View Record  FAM MED-1 Medcalf CR A Brief History of the Byles Family and the Medcalf Family Collins, Isabel Rosmond
View Record  FAM HAR-23 Harrison A Brief History of the First Harrisons of Virginia : Descendants of Cuthbert Harrison, esq. of England from A. D. 1600 to A. D. 1915 Harrison, Henry Tazewell
View Record  FAM BRO-13 Brock A Brock Family History Brock, Robert L.
View Record  DE 2-3 A Calendar of Delaware Wills, New Castle County, 1682-1800 Historical Research Committee of the Colonial Dames of Delaware
View Record  FAM KIR-1 Kirkconnell A Canadian Headmaster : A Brief Biography of Thomas Allison Kirkconnell, 1862-1934 Kirkconnell, Watson
View Record  GBUK 4-10 A Catalogue of British Family Histories Thomson, T. R.
View Record  CAND NF 0-2 A Catechism of the History of Newfoundland from the Earliest Accounts to the Close of the year 1834, for the use of Schools St. John, William Charles
View Record  SEA 4-24 A Centennial History Of The Seattle Tennis Club Warren, James R.
View Record  USAM 36-3a,b A Century of Black Surgeons : the U. S. A. Experience (2 v. ) Organ, Claude H. Jr.//Kosiba, Margaret M.
View Record  SEA 4-5 A Century of Service, the Puget Power Story Wing, Robert C.
View Record  FAM HOP-1 Hopkins A Chapter of Hopkins Genealogy 1735-1905 Harrison, Ella Walker
View Record  MD 0-12 A Character of the Province of Maryland, Reprinted from the Original Edition of 1666 Alsop, George
View Record  MO 39-6a,c,f A Chronological Listing and Index to Divorce Records in the Greene County Circuit Court : a : 1837-1899; c : 1911-1920; f : 1936-1941 Kelley, Daniel S.
View Record  FAM CLE-3 Clemens A Clemens Family of German Origin : The Family History Brock, Robert L.
View Record  USAM 101-31 A Collection of Memorials Concerning Divers Deceased Ministers and Others of the People Called Quakers : in Pennsylvania, New Jersey, and parts adjacent, from nearly the first settlement thereof to th
View Record  MT 00-1 A Collection of Stories of Central Montana Pioneer Families Lewiston Genealogy Society, Inc
View Record  USAM 101-32 A Collection of the Sufferings of the People Called Quakers for the Testimony of a Good Conscience Besse, Joseph
View Record  FAM HAR-22 Harrison A Comment on the Family of Andrew Harrison Who Died in Essex County, Virginia in 1718 Harrison, James Edward
View Record  SC 0-45 A Compilation Of The Original Lists Of Protestant Immigrants To South Carolina, 1763-1773 Revill, Janie
View Record  FAM LIT-3 Litthale A Complete History and Genealogy of the Littlehale Family in America, 1633 to 1889 Stevens, Grace M. (Polly)
View Record  KY 0-76 A Complete Index to the Names of Persons, Places and Subjects Mentioned in Littell's Laws of Kentucky Smith, W. T.
View Record  NY 6-7 A Complete Name Index To The History Of Cayuga County, New York By Elliot G. Storke, 1789-1879 Luther, Leslie L.(Leslie Leon) , 1886-1976.
View Record  CAND 0-4 A Conspectus of Canada : Centennial Year, 1867-1967
View Record  GK 124b A Continuation of the Baptismal Records of the Presbyterian Church of Stillwater 1828 to the year of 1867, Sussex County, NJ Kent, George F.
View Record  FAM DOU-2 Dougherty A Cross-Reference for the Names Dougherty--Daugherty and Variant Spellings, in the Index to the Federal Census for the years 1820 - 1830 - 1840 for the state of Ohio Whisler, Jean Dougherty
View Record  CO 0-Per RRV A Day to Remember Aday, Mildred Edith Young
View Record  FAM DEV-1 DeVault A DeVault Genealogy with Gillmore and Hunt Supplements Gillmore, William B.
View Record  OR 0-74 MAP3 A Diagram of Public Surveys in Oregon : Surveyed lands of Oregon
View Record  GBUK ENGL 2-26 A Dictionary Of English Place-names Mills, A.D.
View Record  GBUK ENGL 4-14 A Dictionary of English Surnames Reaney, Percy H.; RM Wilson
View Record  CAND NS 11-3a A Dictionary of Immigrants to Nova Scotia, Pre-Confederation Peninsular Immigrants from Manuscript Sources, v . 1 Smith, Leonard H.
View Record  EURE RUSS 4-1 A Dictionary Of Jewish Surnames From The Russian Empire Beider, Alexander.
View Record  GBUK 4-5 A Dictionary of Old Trades,Titles and Occupations Colin Waters
View Record  CAND 11-3a,b A Dictionary of Scottish Emigrants to Canada before Confederation : Volumes 1 and 2 Whyte, Donald
View Record  R 203-123 A Dictionary Of Surnames Hanks, Patrick / Hodges, Flavia
View Record  WA 0-17 A Directory of Cemeteries and Funeral Homes in Washington State, 1889-1989 Washington Interment Assoc.//Washington State Funeral Directors Assoc.
View Record  GBUK SCOT 11-6 A Directory Of Scots In Australasia, 1788-1900 Dobson, David
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Records: 201 to 250 of 13261