Seattle Genealogical Society

Results of the SGS 2023 Election

Thank you to everyone who voted! 
The results of the SGS 2023 Election are as follows:

 Officers and Board of Directors:
   President:  Jim Secan
   Vice President:  Kathy Weber
   Secretary:  Alanna Stanton
   Treasurer:  Betsey Cotter
   Director of Education:  Cecellia Rogers
   Director of Library:  Kathi M.

Also serving on the Board will be Jill Morelli (Past President) and Mahina Oshie (Seattle Public Library representative, non-voting). 
The term of office begins 1 June 2023 and runs through 31 May 2024.
Revised SGS Bylaws
The proposed changes to the SGS Bylaws were approved, so the following positions have changed from board positions to committee chairs:

 Membership Chair:  Christine Schomaker
 Publications Chair:  Lisa White
 Technology Chair:  vacant
 Volunteers Chair:  Melanie Moser
The revised SGS Bylaws, effective 1 June 2023, are posted here.
Election Committee
Thanks to SGS members Amandalei Bennett (chair), Bruce Finlayson, and Woods Fairbanks for serving as the Election Committee.