Seattle Genealogical Society

SGS 2023 Election

Call for Nominations
Annually the SGS membership elects officers that will lead the Society for the next year (1 June 2023 to 31 May 2024). We are so lucky to have skilled volunteers willing to donate their time and expertise to serve on the SGS Board. 
Below is a list of the positions up for election. If you or someone you know could assume one of the open positions we would appreciate you lettings us know as soon as possible.
Some of the positions will be converted to non-elected Chairmanships if proposed changes to the SGS Bylaws are approved by the membership at this election. Committee Chair positions will not serve as members of the SGS Board. Please be aware of this when consideriing to run for one of the positions.
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Current Board and Elected Positions 
Nominations for 2023-24
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President - Jim Secan
Vice President - Kathy Weber
Secretary - Alanna Stanton
Treasurer - Betsey Cotter
Director of Education - Cecellia Rogers
Director of Library - Kathi M
Director or Membership** - Christine Schomaker
Director of Operations** - Needs a Nomination
Director of Publications** - Lisa White 
Director of Technology** - Needs a Nomination 
Director of Volunteers** - Melanie Moser

** Position will become Chairmanship if changes to Bylaws are approved
Nominating Committee - Needs at least five Nominations
Proposed Changes to the Bylaws
As discussed at the October 2022 and March 2023 Membership Meetings, the upcoming election of SGS officers for 2023-2024 will include a vote on proposed changes to the SGS Bylaws. There are a number of changes proposed, the major ones being:
  1. Change the structure of the Board of Directors, reducing the size from twelve voting members to seven.
  2. Simplify membership types (no longer offer paid life membership).
  3. Changes to the Nominating Committee (appointed rather than elected).
The following documents provide additional details: 
  1. Proposed Bylaws. 
  2. Brief description of the changes. 
  3. Comparison of current (2020) Bylaws to proposed Bylaws. 
There will be an entry on the ballot to vote for or against implementing the proposed new Bylaws. This will be a yes or no vote for the entire package, and not for each individual change.