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Women's Suffrage in Your Family History

Women's Suffrage in your Family History
This year the Seattle Genealogical Society is commemorating the 100th anniversary of Women's Suffrage with educational opportunities including:
Join us on a path of exploration. Learn to access and use genealogical tools and techniques to successfully discover your female ancestors and share their stories. Learn about the expanding civic role of women, explore the changes in their lives and that of their families and communities, culminating in the passage of the 19th Amendment.
The women's suffrage story is long, complex and unique to each state. For example, did you know that the women of Washington Territory could vote for several years before becoming a state? Later, Washington state played a pivotal role in suffrage at the national level. A great starting place to gain an understanding of suffrage in Washington state is by viewing the timeline produced by Washington State Historical Society
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Announcing our Women’s Suffrage Centennial Family History Writing Contest!
Share the story of your  female ancestor 100 or more years ago. Submit your story by May 15, 2020. Read our guidelines before submitting your story. Winners will be published in the Fall 2020 edition of our Journal of the Seattle Genealogical Society and our top three stories will be awarded:
  • ​First prize will be awarded $100
  • Second prize will be awarded $75
  • Third prize will be awarded $50

Welcome to Women’s Suffrage
in Your Family History Writer’s Corner!
Each month throughout 2020, we are sharing women’s stories of 100 and more years ago, including brick walls that elude even the most diligent genealogist. Stories might be brief – one or two paragraphs or longer and will appear here on our web site, in our eNews! and the Seattle Genealogical Society Facebook page.
Finding female ancestors, can be challenging, especially if they lived before accurate vital records were kept. Women with unknown parentage present an additional hurdle to the genealogist. Hopefully, our project will help you discover the stories of your own female ancestors. And that you will enjoy reading the stories shared here.
January 2020     Read Heidi Mair's story of searching for her great-grandmother for more than 30 years in Discovering Amelia.
February 2020    For our Second Saturday on February 8th, Lisa Oberg gave an excellent presentation on various laws that affected U.S. women's voting rights in the early 20th century. Our February contributor, Mary S. shares the story of her grandmother in rural Minnesota and how the Expatriation Act of 1907 affected her citizenship and right to vote. Read Mary's story here.
Learn more about the laws at these sites:

We want to thank the Washington State Historical Society for their grant in support of our project.  For more information, see