Tips and Tricks
What are the new features in the 2019 update of Family Tree MakerTM.  Here is a list and a brief description.  For more detailed information check out the 2019 Companion Guide on line.
Source templates can be confusing.  Here is the handout from the presentation Janet Stroebel from the Eastside Genealogical Society Family Tree Maker Special Interest Group gave to our group July 13, 2019
Merging Trees
Merging data from multiple trees can be time consuming to manually enter.  If they are all in Family Tree MakerTM you can let the program do the work.  Here is a guide for merging two trees.
Some help in customizing charts for printing as posters.
Many Family Tree MakerTM functions and tools can be accessed using keyboard shortcuts.  Here is a list of the key combinations and the functions and tools they open.