Past Meeting Notes and Key Topics
Detach/Attach People
Organizing Media
September 2020
Leadership change
Differences between FTM data files and the FTM software program
Differences between Ancestry and FTM and related privacy issues
Backing up data files on FTM
Change Logs on FTM
Issues related to Places Tab
Keeping Multiple listings of a Fact
User Group Web Page and Email
Loading FTM on up to 3 computers
Backing up your tree
New Features in FTM 2019 (continued)
Index Options, Smart Filters, Color Codeing options, Profile Picture Cropping, Tree Vault
November 2019
User Group Web Page and Email
Loading FTM on up to 3 computers
Uploading and syncing with
New Features in FTM 2019
Tree Browser, Tree Vault, Change Log, FamilySearch download
Exporting a portion of your tree
Use of colors and color coding
Use of Maps and Places
Special Presentation - Using Source Templates (see also Tips and Tricks)
Edit Fact Names and adding Custom Facts
Use of notes section of the Person Page
Importing images
Adding preparer information to charts and reports
Add or remove a child from parents
Merge two (or more) files
Customizing a pedigree chart size
Change profile picture
Syncing trees between Ancestry and FTM
Convert Surnames to all caps
Create an Ancestors Chart
Add pictures to Pedigree (and other) Charts
Using Color
Guidelines for storing digital media
Syncing and sharing trees
What gets synced between Ancestry and FTM
FTM Notes in Ancestry
Genealogical Codicil for your will (see also Tips and Tricks)
What happens to family trees on Ancestry when a subscription lapses
How to get source citations for specific records attached to digital images
How to add family photos from a PC to FTM
Use of Reports option to send reports to extended family
Use of notes section on the Person Page
Where is data actually stored on the computer
Use of the People Tab
Making relationship charts
Use of the Places Tab
Adding media to FTM
Saving multi page documents - JPEG vs. PDF
"Unknown Spouse" issue
Usefulness of Place Reports
How to backup files
How to transfer files to a new computer
How to deal with a tree with speculative or incorrect persons in a tree linked to Ancestry
How to label individuals in group pictures
How to upload Media files
How to link media to multiple individuals
Color Coding
FTM tutorial on
Can I have my tree synced between two computers
Color Coding
Places Tab